Everything is included. Except the excuses.

We built this self-contained Starter Kit with two things in mind: helping you fine-tune your brilliant business idea, and eliminating the excuses that stand between you and bringing it to life. The kit invites you to work through business basics in a way that's approachable, effective, and road-tested by aspiring entrepreneurs like you, and you can crack it open while wearing pajamas. No excuses. It's time to get to work.

What's in the kit?

Our Starter Kit was created for self-starting entrepreneurs with a particular draw toward “self.” The kit itself is filled with tools to help you explore and refine business ideas, and it was designed to be intuitive enough to stand alone, if you prefer to work on your own terms and with your own timeline. The lessons and hands-on exercises included in the Starter Kit will give you the business basics and perspective you need to set your idea (and you) up for success.

Educational Certifications

We all know that recognized certifications give you the upper hand when it comes to finding a job or getting a better pay rate. Visit our certifications page to know more.

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8a Certification

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