Whether you are looking for an innovation consulting firm for a one off job or to keep them onboard for a while, we did the research to bring you the most prominent innovation consulting firms.

Before we get to the list, here are some of the things an innovation consulting firm can do for your company:

Talks/sessions: If your company is starting to transition or want to explore innovation, this is a great choice, by having an innovation consultant to talk to your key employees you are opening a direct line of communication and give your people the chance to ask any questions or discuss challenges they might foresee to promote innovation within your corporation.

Innovation Consulting: Perhaps you have identified a few areas that are falling behind, or you noticed your competitors are providing more value to your market, in either case, an innovation consultant can help you identify areas of opportunities.

Connecting: If you already have an inhouse innovation program, perhaps you need to create some synergies between them, here an innovation consulting firm can for sure serve as a bridge to bring your various departments together and help them to align with your main organizational goal.

Promoting: In some cases, your company just needs to be recognized as a leader in its market. An innovation consulting firm might just have the contacts and expertise you need to get the word out about those great innovation projects your company have successfully built.

These are some of the top innovation consulting firms


Boston Consulting Group

McKinsey & Company

Bain & Company

PA Consulting Group


Sia Partners

Pollen Consulting Group


Top Independent Innovation Consultants

Stefan Lindegaard

Clayton Christensen

Tony Chvala

Julie Channing

Andrew Youderain 

Henry Chesbrough

Renée Mauborne

Tim Brown

Dave Gerhardt