Forklift certification courses cover general safety and operation on a wide variety of forklift models. While knowing the most commonly used model at your workplace is important, there are several types of forklifts in operation in businesses across the United States.

Regardless of what type of forklift you will be working with, safety and certification need to be the number one concern for both employers and employees.

The Regulations

OSHA regulations are in place at both federal and state levels and the responsibility for forklift training ultimately falls on businesses using power industrial trucks such as forklifts. Someone in each organization who has specific knowledge and experience will likely be assigned the duty of training workers and determining their proficiency. There are also many courses and classes available on the Internet to help facilitate this forklift certification.

Why getting certified is a good idea

The major factors behind injuries on the job are caused by the failure of operators to get proper training. Along with the OSHA regulations and recommendations, companies will often offer their employees forklift certification courses. Anyone who will have the need to drive a forklift or even operate a hand truck or pallet jack should take the time to attend these classes.

If you are interested to know what is included in the different courses available, here’s a brief overview:

You will begin by learning the most important thing — safety. From there you’ll cover fundamentals of running a machine in a busy work environment and in confined spaces such as warehouses and shipyards. You might be operating in very close proximity to other people, equipment and expensive inventory. You have to have complete control of your forklift so none of these precious resources are damaged. This may require a spotter at times, and will always require careful, precise movements of your equipment

In almost any industry exactly where forklifts are used, regulations that control their usage. Anyone who will be driving a forklift must go through forklift certification. Even workers who are forklift certified will need to go through refresher courses occasionally, depending on the rules their state has adopted.

There are several ways that businesses get their employees certified, including in-house training courses as well as manufacturers training classes. Many forklift suppliers also offer onsite training courses to businesses. Just be sure the courses you take meet the OSHA requirements.

Forklift Certification can help you land and keep a high-paying forklift job in your state, as more and more businesses are hiring lately and the need for forklift operators is again on the rise.

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