If you are trying to find a good job as a forklift operator, you really need to look into getting your forklift certification.

Why is important?

Obtaining forklift certification is OSHA law in most states. The objective is always to ensure the safe practices of the forklift driver and people who might be about during the operation of the forklift. There exists a penalty up to $7,000 per employee in which companies could be subject when they discover throughout an inspection that forklift drivers are working without forklift qualification, training, and certification. This is an adequate reason to be sure all your personnel is certified together with OSHA forklift standards.

What to do

It’s fairly easy to get a license for driving a forklift. The first thing that you have to do is pass a written exam on forklift operation. The kind of questions that you will get in the exam will be related to forklift driving principles, safety requirements, and regulations.

Does it help?

Forklift certification can really make a difference as there are many businesses that will no longer hire you if you are not certified. Plus, making yourself the go-to person for other equipment can help you get a better job or even move up in the company. Years ago if you had employment as a forklift operator you had been only expected to know how to function one machine and that is almost all. These days with the economy as it is, employers are searching for people who can easily operate an assortment of different equipment in a safe and effective manner.

No longer can a company afford to pay multiple people to operate different machines. Nowadays, once the forklift operator is done with picking orders or storing inventory, they may be asked to move on to some other machines such as hand trucks or even dozers. This means that not only will you have to get your forklift certification but you may also need to get certified within multiple other machines in order to be competitive within the job market.

Right now there are quite a few companies that provide forklift certification for individuals. The cost varies from $49 online to a few hundred dollars for live training packages in your local area. Typically, the fee for an advisor to complete a good on-site training costs about a hundred dollars per staff member participating. It is money well spent for nearly all businesses who need to value the safety of their inventory, and more importantly, their personnel.

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