Dragon Dealz

Tired of losing sales, and rakings?, is getting reviews on Amazon almost impossible?, take a look at Dragon Dealz.

Whether your product needs a boost in rankings or additional reviews, Dragon Dealz can be a game-changer for you.

What is Dragon Dealz?

DD is a portal that connects private label sellers with real bloggers. Sellers used to spend numerous hours trying to find influencers to review and promote their products, Dragon Dealz makes this as easy as possible:

  • Sign up for a free account
  • Choose your package
  • Sit back and see reviews come in

Which Amazon marketplaces does Dragon Dealz accept?

Currently, you can use DD for the following marketplaces:

Amazon USA, UK, Canada, Germany, and Mexico.

How does Dragon Dealz improve my raking?

By increasing sales velocity, your products rank higher on the Amazon search results. Once you sign up, you choose how many units you will have under the program. All those units will be purchased by real bloggers (at full price). They will then evaluate and likely leave a review of your product thus increasing rankings and reviews.

What other benefits do I get from Dragon Dealz?

Remember, these are real bloggers with real followers, so once they review your product, it will be posted to their own blogs and/or social media accounts giving your product increased exposure to potential customers.

How much does Dragon Dealz cost?

dragon-dealz pricing table

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