The Amazon marketplace has made many sellers millionaires is a short amount of time, however, as their platform matures, it attracts more and more sellers making it very difficult for new entrepreneurs to make money.

There are two key elements for success, first is product research and the second is the ability to launch products successfully on Amazon. For product research, you may want to check my article on product research tools. This article focuses on launching and ranking new products, specifically using Snagshout.

What Is Snagshout?

Snagshout is a place for both buyers and sellers. Savvy buyers are able to use Snagshout to find crazy deals on products sold on Amazon, some products offer up to 95% off!.

Why would anyone want to sell their products at a 95% discount?, the answer is sales velocity, it's an important metric used the Amazon A9 algorithm to rank products on the search results when someone goes to Amazon and types in a search phrase, just like in any other type of search, the products that appear at the top get the most sales.

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How Can Snagshout Help You To Dominate Your Competition?

As explained above, when you sell more products you increase your product's sales velocity, along with this, when your product is sold, Amazon algorithm increases the relevance of your products relative to the search term, meaning you have even more chances to appear higher on the next search performed by customers.

1.- Using The Keyword Boost Feature To Increase Relevance

When you launch a campaign on Snagshout, you have the ability to define which keywords are the most relevant to your product, these are the search term customers will type when looking for items on Amazon, for example, someone looking to buy a gift for kids could use search terms like gifts for boys, best toy for boys or simply toys for boys. Note that the most generic search, toys for boys, in this case, will have more search volume but conversions will be lower compared to specific searches so pick your keywords carefully, higher volume is not necessarily the best choice.

2.- How Snagshout Helps You With Reviews

One thing that both seasoned and new sellers struggle with is getting reviews on Amazon, this can be especially difficult when launching new products.

In the good old days, it was enough to get your family or friends to review your products, today is a different story, this same practice can get your Amazon Seller account suspended, additionally, due to higher competition, you need a proven system to get reviews at such scale that can actually make a difference.

Snagshout helps with reviews because as you sell more, those same customers can potentially leave you a good review, assuming your product is good of course!. Put it this way, the more product you sell on Snagshout, the more chances you have to get reviews.

Snagshout Landing Pages

Use their customizable landing pages to offer coupons and promote your product. This easy to use feature allows you to create awesome landing pages in just minutes.

Email Your Customers With Snagshout

When people buy from you on Amazon, you don't get their real email, you get an encrypted email that goes through the Amazon servers and all communication is monitored closely, Amazon's TOS is very strict and you cannot promote anything to those customers unless you want your account suspended.

But, when people buy from your Snagshout listing, you get access to their real email and yes you can contact them directly to give them a better purchasing experience and hopefully get some good reviews, just don't overdo it!.

What Does Snagshout Cost?

They offer several plans, depending on how aggressive you want to be with your product launch if this is your first product I suggest you start off with the lowest priced plan to get accustomed to the platform and to fully understand how the launch and ranking process work.

Check current pricing here.