The Eva repricer came out of nowhere straight to the top of the charts, the reason: customizable and algorithmic repricing options second to none at an affordable entry point.

With a very powerful yet easy to use interface, the Eva repricing tool allows Amazon sellers to increase their revenues at the best profit range.

Multiple intuitive and easy to understand dashboards

eva repricer for amazon

Eva Repricer Features

Eva is much more than a repricer, it's a business management tool for Amazon sellers looking to increase profitability.

Things Eva can do for your business:

  1. Get more the buy box with automated repricing for FBA or FBM
  2. Inventory Management, including recording Purchase Orders and low stock alerts
  3. Sales and Profit Analytics for your stores and at the SKU level
  4. Returns Management: recover money from Amazon in a few clicks!

Eva repricer explained

Eva is so easy to setup that you can be up and running in half an hour. The truth is, connecting your Amazon store to Eva and getting that data is what takes most of the time since you can upload all you products costs via excel to calculate the best pricing range.

Rericing Options:

  • Define Min and Max pricing
  • Enable or disable buy box sharing. Also choose what percentage of the buy box you want to target
  • Business pricing
  • Select to choose against FBA listing only if you want
  • Velocity pricing
  • MAP adjusted repricing
  • Low inventory alert: increase your price when your stock is running low


How Much Does Eva Cost?

The Eva repricer cost is based on your monthly sales. To see current pricing click here.

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