Seller Legend

What is Seller Legend?

Seller legend was created in 2015 by a group of ambitious Amazon MWS API developers. They wanted to create software that can help novice FBA sellers compete with more experienced sellers.

If you use Seller Legend correctly, you can manage your Amazon Central Seller data in one place.

After undergoing extensive testing, the software went live in 2016.

The company stands behind their product. This is great news for Amazon FBA sellers.

Unfortunately, there are so many scams taking place these days. It’s nice to know that you can turn to reliable software like Seller Legend. It has a solid reputation for producing positive results.

It’s also important for me to mention that the company is dedicated to making improvements to the software. This means that the software will help you stay on top of your game.

Seller Legend has received high praise from industry insiders and FBA sellers. Let’s take a closer look at it.

seller legend

How Will Seller Legend Help You?

Seller Legend is well-known for its impressive features and versatility. It’s ideal for novice FBA sellers, intermediate FBA sellers, and advanced FBA sellers. Let’s check out the pros.


  • You can customize it
  • It uses real-time data
  • It can help you visualize data
  • It’s easy to master

Seller Legend Is Customizable

You can customize the software. This makes it great for all types of businesses. Simply set your personal preferences and concentrate on the information pertinent to your business.

Great for Visualizing Data

You may be a visual learner. If so, this software can help you organize your data. This will help you make decisions about buying new inventory, shipping, and sourcing

How is the data presented? The software can create charts, detailed graphs, and other visual representations of data.

Smart Automation Saves Time

This software will save you precious energy and time with analytical tasks. The automation for management and reporting activities will become easier. At the end of the day, you will be able to run your business in a more efficient manner.

Seller Legend 'Almost' Real-Time Data for Accuracy

It’s important for you to create strategies that complement current data. This will help your business grow.

Unlike similar software, Seller Legend uses the latest data. You can call this “Real-Time Data”. This will put you in a position to keep up with the latest trends.

Is Seller Legend perfect? No, it’s not perfect. Seller Legend offers many advantages that you cannot afford to turn down.

However, Seller Legend does have its cons.


  • Adjusting the software will take some time
  • Due to Amazon restrictions, some features are not available

If you are a new user, you may have to deal with the learning curve. However, you will be able to master this software within a few days or a few weeks.

If you need extra help, you can find tutorials and videos online. They will help you learn how to use Seller Legend like a polished professional.

Does not Have Some Features due to Amazon Restrictions

The developers of the software are transparent about the lacking features. They did not include features such as Keyword Rankings and Review Tracking. These features violate Amazon’s policies. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that your business will suffer if you do not take heed to Amazon’s Terms of Service.

When you begin to use the software, you may notice other pros and cons that are not listed in this article.

Now it’s time for us to go over the features.

  • The Dashboards
  • The Sales and Revenue Marketing Section
  • Order Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Customer Management
  • The Product Management
  • Precise Pay-Per-Click Performance Tracking

It’s important for you to understand that these features will work better for some businesses. It is not the perfect solution for every business. Keeping your business goals in mind will help you decide if the software is suitable for your operation.


Seller Legend comes with three unique dashboards that will assist you with managing your Seller Central data.

They are:

  • Market dashboard
  • Product dashboard
  • Customer dashboard

Let’s start off with checking out the customer dashboard.

Customer Dashboard

You will find a variety of widgets on each dashboard. These widgets aim at addressing Key Performance Indicators. Having a full understanding of the KPI will help you determine new targets for your business.

Marketplace Dashboard

With the marketplace dashboard, you can see your sales, revenue, and estimated profits. You can view these numbers over various periods. There’s no need for you to waste your time going through the stats for months or years.

You can create impressive sales history charts. This will help you analyze revenue and costs. When you have this data at hand, you can compare operating costs.

If you decide to use the product dashboard feature, you can keep track of vital performance metrics. If you’re like me, you take these metrics seriously.

This includes the following:

  • Inventory
  • Returns
  • Refund rates
  • COGS


If you prefer to use the build a sales history chart via product dashboard, you can see what’s being sold in the market. You will also be able to see their profit potential. Seeing these things can give you an edge over your competition.

Before we go any further, I want to highlight the customer dashboard. This dashboard will uncover your customer’s spending behavior and their perception of your products.

The three unique dashboards in the Seller Legend software can help you become a successful FBA seller. However, there are some other features that I would like to cover.

Uncover New Markets

Search for new trends by monitoring your sales in the marketplace. Seller legend breaks down the data so that you can get a full detailed report based on things like the Amazon Payout, SKU, brand, and much more.

Order management

If you want to manage orders like a pro, you can use Seller Legend to see pending orders and pass orders in full detail. This includes promotional discounts and coupon codes. You can also see the statistics on your return items.

Inventory Management and Forecasting

With Seller Legend by your side, you will be in a better position to manage your inventory. You can track how much inventory you are selling, and you will also be able to track how much inventory you have left.

This feature would help you determine when it's time for you to stock new inventory. As you can see, you can tailor the software to meet your business standards.

Clear Customer Management

Seller Legend can help you learn more about your prospective customer’s behavior. It will keep a record of vital metrics like customer cross-sell, customer lifetime value, etc.

Proper Product Management

With the proper product management element in play, you can create realistic statistics about your iTunes, your position in the market, and the cost of goods.

PPC Performance Tracking

It's a pleasant surprise to see that seller legend offers PPC performance tracking. This nice feature can help you manage your pay-per-click campaigns and make improvements to your digital marketing sales strategy.

How much does Seller Legend Cost?

I don’t mind discussing the software's price. As a potential customer, I know that the price may push you towards getting the software, or it may push you away.

Seller Legend is not the software that you can get with a one-time purchase. It is available to FBA sellers via subscription. For a modest monthly fee, you will be getting direct access to Seller Legend.

So, is imperative for you to make sure that the software offers the benefits you are looking for.

What are the Seller Legend Pricing Points?

The software developer offers several different subscription plans. Each plan has different benefits.

Is it Safe to use Seller Legend?

It's not unusual for FDA sellers to ask this question. When it comes to safety, the creator of the software has publicly stated that the software is safe for sellers to use.

The software uses Amazon's Elastic Cloud Computing service. This ensures that you will get secured server storage.

Many online security experts have stated that Seller Legend has spared no expense when it comes to making sure that software offers optimum security for their customers.

Will Seller Legend help my Business?

In my humble opinion, I believe that Seller Legend will help you sell more products. It is working well for me and thousands of other FDA sellers. There's no reason why it would not be able to work well for you.

Seller Legend’s subscription price is inexpensive. This awesome software will help you gain vital insight into your business vertical. The software's layout is simple and easy to master. It comes in handy when you need to create graphics that cover your sales.

If you are unsure about the software, you can always take advantage of the free trial. During the free trial, you will be able to determine if the software will be beneficial for your business.

Final word

If you have been looking for a way to have a competitive edge in your niche, you should consider taking advantage of Seller Legend. It offers many distinct advantages that can help you increase your profits within a short period of time.

For example, it would help you organize your data and concise categories. This will help you expand your business with ease.