Jungle Scout: The All In One Tool

Whether you are a newbie looking for your first winning product, or a seasoned pro wanting to expand your business, Jungle Scout is a great tool that can help you become a better Amazon Seller.

jungle scout

Jungle Scout For Amazon Sellers

This tool has been around for a long time, they recently completed a significant upgrade which came as great news for many Jungle Scout users.

Jungle Scout has a great database that allows you to find profitable products by choosing the parameter that best fit your business model.

Jungle Scout also recently launched their own marketplace where you can find value-added services and tools for your business, from finding a successful Amazon Seller to coach you or a copywriter to help you with your Amazon product listings.

Jungle Scout Extension

This tool is great and I use it multiple times a day. All you have to do is to click on the extension whenever you're browsing the Amazon marketplace and it will reveal all the critical metrics for the products on that page.

The extension even gives you an overall score for the market you're looking at, the score is based on both demand and competition. Check it out below.

How Much Is Jungle Scout?

Jungle Scout offers a tiered pricing structure so depending on your needs you may go for the option that best fits your budget.

I suggest you go for the bundle that includes the Jungle Scout Research Tool and Also the Jungle Scout Extension.

Is There A Jungle Scout Trial Offer?

At this point they don't offer trials, however, you get a 14-day money-back guarantee. If you don't like it, just ask for a refund.

Try Jungle Scout here.

Is Jungle Scout Free?

No, but they offer a tiered pricing structure so that you can choose the plan that best fits your business and budget.

What is Amazon Jungle Scout?

It's a suite of tools used by Amazon sellers to research products and keywords.

What markets does Jungle Scout Support?

You can use Jungle Scout in the following marketplaces: USA, Canada, Germany, France, UK, India, Spain, Mexico, and Italy. The Chrome extension works in all those marketplaces so you don't need to download any additional versions, just install one time and you're ready to go international.

What is the difference between Jungle Scout Web App and Jungle Scout

The Chrome extension pulls data on-demand as you browse the Amazon marketplace. It offers a quick snapshot of that market.

The Web App is a more robust tool that runs on Jungle Scout servers and it basically contains four different
tools: The Amazon product database, a Niche Hunter, a Keyword Research Tool, and a Product Tracker.

Try Jungle Scout here.