Best Product Research Tools For Amazon Sellers In 2021

When selling on Amazon, product research is likely the most important skill you need to master. Selecting the right product from the get-go can save you a lot of sorrows, time, and money.

Before you start looking at research tools, keep in mind that most products can be profitable if you have the ability and resources to make it happen.

If you learn just one thing from this site, let it be this: every product's profitability depends on your ability and resources to make it a success. If you're starting out, you probably have neither, so make sure to invest some time in learning how to find products that YOU can sell. These tools below can help you to figure it out...

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    1. Viral Launch

    Viral Launch has had tremendous growth in the last few years, the reason?, their suite of products work and Amazon sellers that use them have seen their incomes grow to new highs. It's simple, to dominate selling on Amazon, you need to have the best research tools to find the best products and use the most effective launching tactics to crush your competitors.

    Viral Launch Amazon Product Finder

    Viral Launch started as a product launch platform and quickly evolved to become one of the most comprehensive suite of tools for Amazon Sellers.

    They now have various tools that can help you to research profitable products, you can also do Amazon keyword research and for private label sellers, they also offer a great launch service.

    Viral Launch Product Research Dashboard

    The dashboard shown by Viral Launch is based on data they have compiled, you will find a lot of useful insights in an easy-to-read format.

    You will use this tool to help you assess the difficulty and risk/reward ratio for the Amazon product you are researching. Pay special attention to competitors, revenue, and numbers of reviews. Typically, the higher the number of reviews, the more competition there is in that category, also this means you will have to invest more money and effort to get your Amazon product to catch up in terms of reviews.

    viral-launch amazon product research

    Viral Launch Product Research: Market Trends

    Make sure to evaluate the annual sales trend, you don’t want to invest on a product that is at the end of its economic cycle when looking at this Viral Launch analysis, also remember to adjust your expectation for seasonal products.

    It’s also critical to look at the average price, this can prevent you from entering a market where prices have been dropping, meaning, more competition has entered the market or a dominant player is trying to squeeze smaller sellers out of this product.

    viral launch amazon product research tool

    Viral Launch Product Research: Revenue Calculator

    viral launch amazon tool


    How Much Does Viral Launch Cost?

    Viral Launch prices their products individually.

    Check Viral Launch current pricing.

    2. Jungle Scout

    Whether you are a newbie looking for your first winning product, or a seasoned pro wanting to expand your business, Jungle Scout is a great tool that can help you become a better Amazon Seller.

    Jungle Scout For Amazon Sellers

    This tool has been around for a long time, they recently completed a significant upgrade which came as great news for many Jungle Scout users.

    Jungle Scout has a great database that allows you to find profitable products by choosing the parameter that best fit your business model.

    Jungle Scout also recently launched their own marketplace where you can find value-added services and tools for your business, from finding a successful Amazon Seller to coach you or a copywriter to help you with your Amazon product listings.

    Jungle Scout Extension

    This tool is great and I use it multiple times a day. All you have to do is to click on the extension whenever you're browsing the Amazon marketplace and it will reveal all the critical metrics for the products on that page.

    The extension even gives you an overall score for the market you're looking at, the score is based on both demand and competition. Check it out below.

    jungle scout extension

    How Much Is Jungle Scout?

    Jungle Scout offers a tiered pricing structure so depending on your needs you may go for the option that best fits your budget.

    I suggest you go for the bundle that includes the Jungle Scout Research Tool and Also the Jungle Scout Extension.

    Is There A Jungle Scout Trial Offer?

    At this point they don't offer trials, however, you get a 14-day money-back guarantee. If you don't like it, just ask for a refund.

    Try Jungle Scout here.

    Is Jungle Scout Free?

    No, but they offer a tiered pricing structure so that you can choose the plan that best fits your business and budget.

    What is Amazon Jungle Scout?

    It's a suite of tools used by Amazon sellers to research products and keywords.

    What markets does Jungle Scout Support?

    You can use Jungle Scout in the following marketplaces: USA, Canada, Germany, France, UK, India, Spain, Mexico, and Italy. The Chrome extension works in all those marketplaces so you don't need to download any additional versions, just install one time and you're ready to go international.

    What is the difference between Jungle Scout Web App and Jungle Scout

    The Chrome extension pulls data on-demand as you browse the Amazon marketplace. It offers a quick snapshot of that market.

    The Web App is a more robust tool that runs on Jungle Scout servers and it basically contains four different
    tools: The Amazon product database, a Niche Hunter, a Keyword Research Tool, and a Product Tracker.

    Try Jungle Scout here.

    3. Tactical Arbitrage

    Tactical Arbitrage is the new way to find profitable products to sell on Amazon, to make my point, this is like flying from New York to London compared to going by ship, yes it's that much better!. Start your 14-day trial now.

    What Is Tactical Arbitrage?

    Tactical Arbitrage is a cloud-based software that allows people to search and find products to sell typically on Amazon or eBay. The process of buying items at discounted prices and selling them online is known as online arbitrage.

    Tactical Arbitrage

    Can you make money with arbitrage?

    Yes, there are many ways to make money doing Amazon arbitrage², the most popular form, Retail Arbitrage (RA) is when you physically go to stores, purchase discounted items and re-sell them on other market places like Amazon or eBay.

    Online Arbitrage (OA) is a variation of RA, the only difference is that you would be sourcing all your products online, purchasing from the comfort of your home. Another form of arbitrage is Wholesale, this is the one that offers the most leverage as you are able to purchase products in high volumes from distributors.

    How Much Is Tactical Arbitrage?

    They have several pricing tiers depending on how much functionality you need to run your business. Most people, especially beginners, don't need the full suite.

    I recommend that you first define your type of business, then it will be easy to decide which option is the best for you. This applies not only to the Tactical Arbitrage software but to any other tool that you intend to use to make money on Amazon.

    What Is Online Arbitrage?

    Simply put, it's buying products at lower prices and re-selling them online, most of the time the selling occurs on third-party marketplaces like Amazon or eBay but some people also use this process to sell on their own websites, Tactical Arbitrage makes this process so much easier. Make sure to read a good tactical arbitrage tutorial to make the most out of this tool.

    How Does TA Help with OA?

    Tactical arbitrage comes with more than 800, yes eight hundred, pre-configured stores that you can just browse to see which ones have offers that can make you money when doing online arbitrage, you need to always be on the lookout for deals and Tactical Arbitrage just makes it super easy!

    Use TA To Upload And Browse Thousands Of Products From Your Wholesale Suppliers

    If wholesale is your thing then I've got good news for you, TA allows you to import your supplier files to match it to items being sold in Amazon, once matched, TA returns a list of all products including images, price, BSR, potential profit, and even a Keppa¹ chart.

    Not sold yet?, TA even lets you customize your own upload files, if your supplier does not have a product file you can create your own one, in fact, my experience tells me that those suppliers that don't provide a product file tend to be the most profitable, why?, because not many sellers go through the hassle of extracting the data needed to feed tactical arbitrage to run product searches and find profitable items.

    How Does Tactical Arbitrage Work?

    The specific details vary depending on whether you use Tactial Arbitrage for Retail Arbitrage, Online Arbitrage or Wholesale.

    Basically, this software does all the work that you would have to do manually and it goes like this, you choose a source store that you want to buy from and a marketplace where you want to sell, then Tactical Arbitrage looks for all items in the source store that you defined on the search parameters, then it goes to Amazon and matches all those products to show you all the data you need to make a decision. For instance, buying and selling price, net profit, ranking, URL, and even images of the products.

    You can achieve this by doing a wholesale search or a library search within TA.

    What Are The Main Benefits Of Using Tactical Arbitrage?

    • Multiple filtering options: organize your data in a way that makes sense to you, choose BSR, price, and even profit.
    • Sophisticated Matching Algorithm: you will be surprised by the accuracy of the reports once you run TA, with a high certainty of product matching you waste less time tweaking a software and more time expanding your business.
    • Email and SMS Alerts: if you're uploading a big file and don't want to wait around, just set up the pre-built alerts to let you know when it's all done, don't worry, it won't take long, but if you're like me, and you can't stand to be idle, this is a great option
    • Cloud Server: don't worry about installing a local software and messing with complicated installation settings, TA runs in the cloud, you just log in and use it!.
    • Amazon FLips: if you happen to be close to two different Amazon marketplaces like USA and Canada, you can scan for deals in one region and sell it in the other, this is known as Amazon flips. Note: be very careful with this method, Amazon might forbid sellers from doing this any time.
    • Supports Multiple Amazon Marketplaces: another huge advance of using TA is that you can access data from multiple marketplaces, as of the date of this writing, it includes: USA, Canada, Europe, And Australia.

    What is reverse search in tactical arbitrage?

    Basically, you select an ASIN from Amazon either manually or as a CSV upload and run it through TA, tactical arbitrage then goes out and find the best place where you can source that product from to make money, rinse and repeat and you are on your way to financial freedom!.

    Tactical Arbitrage Discount Code

    They do not currently offer discount coupon but you can enroll for a FREE 7-day trial. Get my Tactical Arbitrage Free Trial.

    TA Frequently Asked Questions

    Do I Need An Amazon Seller Account To Use TA?

    Yes, you need a Professional Seller Account to be able to use TA.

    Is TA A Good Choice For New Amazon Sellers?

    Whether you're a new or seasoned seller, tactical arbitrage is a great tool to do product search, with their easy to use yet powerful interface you will have no problems going through hundreds of products in a matter of minutes.

    What Software Do I Have To Install?

    Since TA runs in the cloud, you don't need to install any software at all, just use your internet browser, log in and you're ready to go.

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