Viral Launch: Make Money On Amazon


Since the beginning of 2019, Amazon is a global marketplace that has gained more than a million sellers. It has become a great business opportunity for entrepreneurs to run successful businesses. With the freedom of product variety to sell, entrepreneurs selling on amazon enjoy the advantage of deciding the profit they want to make.

For beginners, deciding what to sell and how to go about business on amazon may not be easy to determine. Still, the tools available on the internet will make it easier.

One of the tools to make more straightforward your amazon selling experience is Viral Launch. If you have been contemplating purchasing Viral Launch, this review will hopefully be helpful to you and your business.

What is Viral Launch?

The Viral Launch is a platform that incorporates various tools and software in one system to provide a multi-functional platform for the clients. It was developed by a group of sellers who were experts in selling products on the Amazon platform.

Having been built by Amazon selling experts, Viral Launch has been created with the industry experts' secrets in mind, giving you an advantage over your competition. On signing up, Viral Launch gives you access to tools that can help you establish the best products to sell on Amazon, giving you keyword ideas to rank your product higher.

How Does Viral Launch Work?

The viral Launch is a powerful yet simple platform to use. The first interaction with Viral Launch is the signup process. Exceptionally simple for you to navigate, successful completion of the signup process gains you direct aces to the dashboard.

On the dashboard, you can access different tools. Every tool available comes with a process that you need to implement to take advantage of Viral Launch's best offers. Each method to implement with the tools is easy to navigate, thanks to the step-by-step guide.

Every seller signs up to viral Launch with a plan they are looking to execute. You can select a tool that serves your needs and the functionality you intend to achieve on the dashboard. The dashboard is an easy way to access your Viral launch tools.

Besides using your dashboard to access the tools, you could also extend your web browser. However, the extension on your web browser works a bit differently from the rest of the system. Using the web extension, you can browse directly into the Amazon marketplace, discovering new, profitable products and industries to target as a new seller on the website.

As a new business person, Amazon, with over one million sellers since the beginning of 2019, is a great place to take our business. Knowing how to use the viral launch tools make it better for your business to thrive by giving you a competitive advantage.

Features of Viral Launch

Setting up a robust Amazon store can be attributed to the valuable features integrated on the Viral launch platform. Taking full advantage of these features gives you an upper hand in business and a lot of power on your hands to determine the fate of your business.

These features help you establish the best products to introduce and sell on amazon and optimize your listings, ranking your products more efficiently. Easy product ranking equals more traction to your business and increased sales.

This system features offer adequate resources you require to set up your Amazon shop and gain insight into your target market.

Below are some of the modules you expect to interact with within a Viral Launch membership, coupled with their contribution towards a successful Amazon store.

I. Viral Launch Discovery Tool

The viral launch discovery tool is one of the most valuable and essential tools on the platform. The tool is one that most people interact with as it helps you discover the peak products to trade and profit from on Amazon.

Launching this tool shows you the potential and profit margins of different businesses. Using a significant number of filters available, you can scan an Amazon marketplace of your choice to establish the most viable product opportunities.

The filters are a great way to discover the hot and trending products that match your business model and industry. Say, for example, if your business industry is beauty, the Viral Launch discovery tool will suggest the trending and profitable products in the field for you to consider stocking. By so doing, any products you choose to sell on the Amazon store are based on a wl informed decision and are bound to bring more profits.

Some of the ways to search for the best products with this tool include;

a) Conducting a keyword search
b) A category scan
c) Brand searches
d) Pinned ideas
e) A category search

More advanced filters will help you establish the trending products among buyers and sellers on the Amazon Platform. These advanced filters can also be used to search for a product with specific sales or profits.

The discovery tool also helps you stay informed on new niches that are only starting to grow and have increased demand for you to possibly source and trade products, keeping you ahead of your peers.

II. Viral Launch Market Intelligence

Another vital feature of the platform is the market intelligence tool. The tool is essential in researching and discovering the best products for your first Amazon store listing. It provides a comprehensive report on the market or product you may be interested in, giving you insight into its performance on the Amazon site.

The comprehensive report includes current market prices, product sales estimates, sales historical data, and trend analysis. The tool also gives you an estimate of any upfront costs to expect when selling a particular product and an estimate of the profits to expect.

With your product in mind, the Viral Launch research tool tells you how profitable it is for you to make an informed decision on whether to sell it through Amazon.


III. Viral Launch Keyword Research Tool

The keyword research tool extracts data straight from amazon by using keywords to help you rank your product. It comes with built-in filters to help you filter out irrelevant keywords gaining you the advantage of finding keywords other competitors may have overlooked.

Their viral launch tool helps you avoid competitive keywords and gives you other alternatives to help boost your sales.


IV. Viral Launch Competitor Intelligence

Viral launch competitor intelligence is a valuable tool in giving you valuable competitor data that helps you set up as a worthy competitor. The Amazon reverse ASIN tool looks up and gives your top competitors keywords and accesses essential product data.

The competitor data this lookup tool gives you access to helps you stay ahead of your competition, boosting your sales at all times. The competitor intelligence feature also comes with an option to turn on notifications. Turning on your notifications alerts you each time your competitors' gains or drop in keyword ranking, which translates to a business opportunity for you!

V. Viral launch Listing Builder and Analyzer

After collecting all the valuable data you require, Viral Launch makes it easy to create listings using the Viral Launch listing and analyzer tool. The tool is straightforward to use. Its fields are easy to understand and navigate, ensuring you develop a fully optimized listing to upload.

The analyzer analyzes everything about our Listing, including the reviews, images, and how your Listing compares to your competitors. This tool also helps you keep an eye on the statistics once your Amazon store goes live, helping you decide whether to improve your listing or create a new one altogether.

If you do not want to create a new listing via the Viral Launch platform, you can import and optimize an existing listing.


VI. Viral Launch product Launch Service

When launching a product, you want to have traffic on your product to kick off sales on a good note. Product Launch service drives external traffic to your Amazon listing, giving you an excellent initial sales velocity.

The product launch service is designed to increase your brand exposure by distributing coupons you provide to the regular shoppers of the Amazon platform. The coupons attract more eyes to your product, giving you bigger chances of making successful sales.

This service, however, does not come with the primary system and can be enjoyed at $150, which is a one-time fee that includes everything you need to kick off your product sales. Besides free coupons, aggressive PPC campaigns are recommended for a successful product launch.

VII. Viral Launch Optimization- Kinetic PPC

The Kinetic PPC tool is another beneficial tool offered by the Viral launch platform. To become successful on Amazon, this is a tool you will need to take advantage of and utilize heavily.

The Kinetic PPC tool is designed to use pay-per-click advertising to help you maximize your profits. The tool allows you to set up customized automation rules to reduce or increase spending when it makes sense to help you maximize profits.

The kinetic optimization tool has an automation feature that allows you to set the specific rules triggered by certain events or actions on the site. When specific circumstances trigger these rules, it causes the running PPC campaigns on your platform to be optimized and re-adjusted according to the data collected.

Besides offering you an automated optimization way for your PPC campaigns, this tool gives you accurate data on the performance of the ads you have been running. There is also a wide range of templates at your disposal, designed to help you maximize the click-through rate of your PPC ads.


VIII. Viral Launch chrome Extension

The viral launch chrome extension is installed directly to your browser after signing up for a viral launch membership. As earlier mentioned, the chrome extension is a market intelligence tool that makes research very easy for you.

The tool helps you find keywords, product ideas, and other elements to help your Amazon business grow without having to log into the viral launch dashboard to search. The chrome extension allows you to head over to Amazon, scan the marketplaces as you discover different products that you may sell.

The chrome extensions are advantageous because they allow you to scan and get insight o categories and niches, all from one window.

Market places Included with viral Launch

Some of the tools in the Viral Launch software are designed to focus primarily on a US-based audience. While some of these tools only target US markets, the platform is also helpful if you can expand to other Amazon Marketplaces.

Some of the other regional market places you can research about on the platform beside the US include;

• United kingdom Amazon Platform

• Canada Amazon Platform

• Italy region Amazon platform

• Spain Amazon Platform

• Germany Amazon Platform

• Mexico Amazon platform

• France Amazon Platform

Viral Launch Pricing

You could be wondering how much viral Launch costs. It is important to note that Viral Launch has different services and products to offer. Prices are based on monthly subscriptions, but annual subscriptions can earn you a two-month free offer.

With monthly subscriptions, viral Launch offers different plans to suit your budget and needs. Below is a summary of the programs;

Beginner – This is a perfect plan if you are looking to get your first products on the Amazon platform. The subscription goes for as low as $42, and the program gives you access to the platform's product finder, viral launch chrome extension, reverse ASIN tool, and a product research system. With these tools, any new business person can research and get valuable information to set up a stable company on Amazon.

Pro plan- the pro plan is ideal for those with a product already established on amazon that they wish to scale the business up. You get to access tools like the Listing creating tool to create your listings, an Amazon keyword research tool, a listing evaluation tool to determine its viability, and the beginner plan. The monthly subscription for this plan costs $71. The pro plan can allow you to track 200 words at a time.

Brand builder- The feature of this plan is similar to the pro plan but with a keyword tracker of up to 5000 words, double what the pro plan offers. The cost to subscribe to the brand builder plan is $106 per month.

Kinetic –as the name suggests, this plan gives you access to the kinetic sponsored management tool. The allowance with competitor intelligence is increased to 250 products. The monthly cost for this plan is $166 per month, so considering an annual subscription would be a smart move.

Is Viral Launch worth it?

You need to understand the tools that viral Launch offer to appreciate its worth. Consider if you need the platform in your business before investing in tools you may not end up using. It is also advisable for you to research and find out what this platform and the plan you are considering have done to others.

Remember, the tool may be popular with most, especially US sellers, but it does not work for everyone. Having been built by people with experience selling on Amazon, viral Launch becomes a prevalent option for people beginning to sell on Amazon.

However, we cannot fail to note that viral Launch has excellent resources that are helpful and instrumental in building your Amazon business. If you learn how to navigate its tools and use them efficiently, you will hardly ever feel a pinch of the cost to have it.

Investing in Viral Launch could lead you to sell the most profitable and in-demand product, setting you up for life.

Viral launch alternatives

Viral Launch is one of the best platforms for succeeding as a business on the Amazon platform. There are two viral launch alternatives that you could look like to get an almost good experience.

One of the best Viral Launch alternatives is the Helium 10 platform. You can get a free account to try out and see if you like their services before deciding to proceed to a paid version if that software works for your needs.

Another software t help you find the best products to sell online is the Jungle scout. It helps you analyze and find keywords as well as help with listing products on your Amazon store.

Viral Launch Free Trial

The viral link free trial signup gives you a 14 days trial period. During this period, you can try out all the tools available on the platform and see if they fit and serve your needs. The supply of viral launch tools, however, does seem to be limited but still adequate for you to establish whether you like the software.

A free trial session is recommended for every beginner to give you a grasp of different tools. The free trial session also helps to inform your decision in deciding the plan you are going to settle on once you proceed with the paid plans.

Once the trial time elapses, you can now proceed to the paid plans.

How to Cancel Viral Launch

You may decide to sign up on the viral Launch then discover that the platform does not suit your needs much later in the program. You can cancel out your membership from the program midway. The best part is that canceling the membership does not have to be a gruesome process.

There are no binding documents that you require to sign to become a member of the company. A monthly subscription, for example, only binds you to the company for a month; this becomes a flexible way for you to opt out after the one-month subscription expires.

It is important to note that Viral Launch does not offer refunds, so you are encouraged to take advantage of the free trial days. It is also a smart move to pay a monthly subscription rather than annually for the beginning part.

Viral Launch is also a reputable company to contact customer care personnel anytime you encounter misunderstandings or problems while navigating the software. If you are sure of opting out, there is the freedom to cancel your membership anytime, although your membership officially expires with your billing cycle.

It means that even after canceling the membership, you can still access the account until the next month, of which you shall not be charged more subscription fees.


Viral Launch is not only popular among the Amazon platform sellers. The company has built its reputation with its efficient services overall. To prove their validity, you can check their ratings on the trust pilot.


The viral launch system is generally easy to maneuver and use as compared to other alternatives. The platform comes with easy-to-use tools, and the dashboard displays any information you require.

The platform is also affordable compared to other alternatives, which is an advantage you sure want to take. Affordability and quality services are not easy to come by, which is precisely what Viral Launch offers.

Subscribing to viral Launch also gives you access to a wide variety of tools to help in your product research. The tools are very instrumental in helping you discover the most profitable products to trade in the Amazon platform. Viral Launch grows you from a newbie to a successful Amazon seller.

Another considerable benefit of Viral Launch is the Free trial session. This feature works best in training you on how to use and interact with the tools on the platform. This stage prepares you well to use the tools to the maximum and achieve the best results.

Are you looking to start selling on Amazon or want to improve your results?

Consider the Viral Launch to grow your business on Amazon. Signing up for membership will help you discover the most profitable products to sell.

You can estimate the profits products will bring based on the historical sales reports ad current market trends. Viral Launch technically brings the future into perspective and helps you a great deal in planning for your business.

Viral Launch will play a crucial role in ensuring your decisions are well informed, and you become a successful business trading the most profitable and in-demand products.